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Chuji Logistics has a history of nearly 20 years, being founded in 2003. 50% of its employees possess more than 10 years of senior professional-level experience within the industry, and the company logistics team responsible for major projects is an industry leader as well. 

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  • Since the outbreak of the epidemic in Shanghai, all employees of the company have obeyed the national "dynamic clearing" prevention and control requirements, and adhered to the policy to isolate and work from home. The Chuji Party Branch advocates that the community where all members are located actively participate in the community volunteer service team, and at the same time transports social materials, implements precise prevention and control, and achieves the export logistics required by customers, so as to avoid delays in shipping schedules and lead to huge delays in delivery. loss. The epidemic has caused many difficulties in transportation, temporarily cutting off many transportation needs in and out of Shanghai, and cutting off the corporate responsibilities, missions and responsibilities that continue to be the backbone of the difficulties. In the early stage of the ep...
  • Before transportation, the person in charge of Chuji Logistics organized on-site operation managers and loading drivers to conduct training on protection during the epidemic. Conduct safety management system training and keep records. All personnel in this project must abide by the company's related equipment hoisting, engineering equipment, container management, and engineering project large-scale transportation management rules and regulations, achieve civilized construction, and abide by the customer's safety rules and regulations. Follow the on-site safety production operation rules. and transport safely. 3. Matters needing attention: 1. Pay attention to whether the lifting points and strapping points of the goods are clearly marked. 2. For large-sized pieces, you need to provide Yangshan Customs with the name of the ship, the number of the ship, the bill of lading number,...
  • Project Overview: Departure place: Shenzhen Destination: Yunnan Name of goods: electrical equipment Number of Cargo Pieces: 4 pieces (60 tons in total, 2 vehicles loaded.) Preparation before construction: This project includes: customs declaration, unpacking, long-distance transportation. Before the transportation, the person in charge of Chuji Logistics organized the company's on-site personnel and loading drivers to do a good job in protection training during the epidemic stage. Conduct safety management system training and keep records. All the project personnel must abide by the company's related equipment hoisting, power equipment, and power grid project large-scale transportation management rules and regulations, achieve civilized construction, and abide by the customer's safety rules and regulations. Comply with safe production procedures. and transport safely. D...
  • Name of goods: wind power membrane Origin: Dongying City Destination: Tianjin Port Cargo size: 55000*4750*2000mm single piece 55 tons Difficulties in operation: There is no crane operation in the factory, the size is long and needs to be loaded in translation, and the pallet must meet the length of the cargo fulcrum of 50 meters; Solution: use three cranes to lift at the same time, and professional operators to control and command to meet the requirements of average force and long fulcrum. To meet the uniform force of the goods, escort the whole process to arrive safely....
  • Name of goods: thermal power plant 1#, 2# unit (stator) Departure place: Shanghai Destination: Langfang Cargo size: Stator: 9640*3760*3980mm Unit weight: 207 tons Difficulties in operation: According to the properties of the goods, the operation requirements are relatively high, and the loading conditions and operation details of the vehicle must be fully considered, as well as the site conditions of the loading and consignee parties to ensure the safe and smooth passage of the goods; Solution: To plan the transportation plan, firstly carry out road survey, comprehensively measure the traffic conditions of the passing roads, and finally pass through the internal road of Langfang Thermal Power Plant. Due to the need to turn the S-turn, there are obstacles to clear the road sections in the plant, and the roads will be cleaned up. The leveling and compaction work was carr...
  • Name of goods: vacuum belt conveyor Cargo size: 26*4.9*3.4 meters Number of goods: 2 pieces Cargo weight: total 86 tons Cargo transportation place: Minhang to Luojing Wharf This time the cargo is super long, super high and overweight. There are two vehicles in total. Before the operation, we went to the factory site many times to investigate and communicate the transportation plan. The site is limited (the width of the door frame of the factory workshop is 5.5 meters, it is difficult for vehicles to leave the warehouse, and they need to be driven slowly and safely at an angle.) This time, the on-site operation manager and the person in charge of the terminal communicated with each other, arranged for the vehicle to be re-confirmed, and the operation process was repeated again. check. To ensure the timely loading of goods and the safe arrival of goods.   1. Due to the ...

Business Scope

    Integrated import and export supply chain: acceptance of imported and exported cargoes, transport of large bulk and general imported and exported cargoes, chartering, extended services of container transfer.

    Transit logistics: factories in China – Horgos Port – factories in Europe, ports in China - inland ports in China – five countries in Central Asia, Europe

    Chinese bulk cargo export projects: factories in China – Shanghai Port/Tianjin Port/Ningbo Port/Dalian Port/Guangzhou Port, logistics hub for bulk and general cargo projects, strapping of ship cargoes, loading and unloading services.

    Import and export container transportation (trailer, packing, customs clearance, booking), import and export cargo transport consulting.

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International Supply Chain

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